Sunday, 14 July 2013

11 Working Ways to Make Money with a Website

Today is the age of internet. As a result, almost everyone is getting interested in hosting a website for their own profile, business, blog etc. But how much of them really know that they can also make lots of money from it for a long time? Let’s suppose they know, but do they know how to make money from it? The fact is, they waste several months just to find out these ways and hence also wastes a lot of revenues of their own.
make money with website 11 Working Ways to Make Money with a Website
The other available articles on the internet in this topic confuses everyone with their heavy writings. That is why we are here with 11 easy and working earning ways with a website of your own. These ways are as below:
  1. Advertise Publishing. This is the easiest and the most popular way to make money with a website. If your website is getting good traffic, then you can apply for advertise publishing. All you need to do is, join any advertisement publisher website, they will give you a certain code based on your choice of ad type and you need to put that code in your site in a suitable place (check their webmaster guidelines well before placing the code). Within a few minutes, you will see ads (relevant to your website content or the browser cache) appearing right there. You will be paid based on the clicks and impressions those ads get. Here is a list of websites that you can use to publish ads (Remember, Google Adsense is the most popular and the most used website for this).
  2. Sell Advertising Space. You can also sell your website’s space to advertisers directly. The advantage here is, you yourself will select the cost of publishing the ads. Hence, you can make more money from it. But there is only problem to use this service and that is, you must have a good amount of traffic (around 50K views/month at least) already in your website to apply for this service. If you have, then just go ahead with these two most popular sites for this service.
  3. Affiliate Marketing. It is another very popular choice for any website owner to make decent amount of money. Here you will be showcasing the products of other companies as if you are selling. When any of your visitor clicks on these product ads and purchases, you will get a cut. Is there any hard work involved? No, not at all. All you need to do is, join any of these affiliate marketing websites and start displaying the products of your choice using the code they’ll provide.
  4. Go Online. If you have a business or store offline, you can also run it online as a website. But this type of website developing is hard for a common man. That is why, you need to consult any web developing agency or any professional of this market. They can easily set up your business online. Their services would take some amount of money out of your pocket, but later it would worth the investment as you will be earning both online and offline. It is also one of the most practical ways to drive clients or customers to your business as Google will show you up in local searches more often.
  5. Job Boards. This is another great way to make decent amount of money. A lot of popular bloggers are using this service and they do get loads of bucks for it. If you have a good traffic, you can also start your own job board and set your own prices from $5 to $50 (it depends on the popularity) for every job posted. Here is some of those web-based applications for this purpose.
  6. Providing Services. If you have a special talent or if you are specialist in any task, then you can use those learning in making high amount of money for you. For example, if you are a good web designer, you can easily get some website designing jobs which can pay you from some hundreds to thousands dollars per website sitting at your home with your website. Is not it great? Just ask yourself what you can offer others online that will be useful and of low cost and also of good quality comparing with others and go ahead with that.
  7. Sponsored Reviews. If you are a blogger, you will love this one. Here you just need to write sponsored posts on specific topics or products. You will be paid for each posts you write for the sponsors. But these posts will be published on your own website. If you have enough audience, you can also offer direct sponsored reviews cutting the commission for the middleman. Here are some websites where you can get such sponsors.
  8. Email Marketing. Just after launching your website, you should always create a newsletter for your fans to receive news about your site and related topics. These newsletters can also help you in making some extra bucks. You just need to use websites like, as an affiliate. Here you will choose which product you want to market and they will give you the proper link with your affiliate id attached. Now, you need to post these links as a part of the newsletter emails that you will send to your fans. Remember, the product should be relevant to the email as it will naturally get them interested towards purchasing it. Thus how you will do it.
  9. Paid Membership. You can always offer paid membership in your website if your website has some rich contents that is very helpful for a large number of people. Or your website can also be a special kinda forum or a specialized social network. You can also go for a free version and a paid version access in your website which will give your income even more rise.
  10. Website Selling. Suppose you checked the website and it is available to purchase. Would you miss this opportunity to purchase it. Obviously, not! As this domain is highly close to the popularity king, it will naturally be favorite to all those who want to host a forum on Facebook. Thus, you can sell this domain at a much higher price than what you got at, keeping a good cut. This sounds odd, but if you google there are some thousands of people who do it by purchasing the domains for a long time, so that they can get their desired price from the seeker.
  11. Donations.If your website provides some good services to people, then you should not miss the chances of receiving donation for your good work. There is no certainty that you will receive donations but many one have got success in it. As we all know, its better to have 20 than 19, then why miss the chance?
You just saw the eleven working ways to make money with your website. Hope you will start using these soon. Let us know if you have any queries in the comments box below. By the way, thanks for reading this! Have a good day!


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