Tuesday, 15 October 2013

How to Earn Money from Facebook Twitter and Google+

Are you spending lot for your time on Social Media Accounts and Want to make money from your Facebook,Twitter and Google+ ? Then this post is absolutely for you.

Yes we know that you are so curious to earn money from your social media accounts Facebook,twitter and Google+.The program that we are sharing here on All TECH TRICKS is a legit program to make money. We can also show you payment proofs(in personal) that we received from this program.

Where there are people there are Advertisers. As people are spending most of their time on Facebook. Advertisers are also spending most of there time on Facebook! to promote their businesses. This is making the people on Facebook and Facebook to earn money from Facebook.But unfortunately there is no proper medium on Facebook to meet directly with people and promote their business. Here comes theSocialLinkMart.com Which acts as a proper medium between people and advertisers! and letting both people and Advertisers benefit.

Before you Signup for the account lets have look at some questions which have in your mind.(video tutorial at end on How to signup)
What Should I Do to Earn from this Program?
You should share the links on your Social media accounts Facebook,Twitter and Google+ from SocialLinkMart Link Directory.
What type of links do I need to Share?
That is up to you can choose any type pf Link to share on your profiles and note that SocialLinkMart strictly do not allow the Adult Links in it's Link Directory. Therefore all the links available in link directory are safe to share on your profile.
How long do we need to Work to earn from this Program:
You need not to sit hours together to earn money from this program. All you need to just to spend 3 to 5 mins to share links. So simple right!

How much I can earn from SocialLinkMart?
The money you get for every share on your profile depends on the Score given by the SocialLinkMart. The profiles with Score less than 350 is will be rejected to join this program. The minimum payout for the share with 400 as score will get 0.10$
How this score is given to my social accounts?
This is score is give by SocialLinkMart own Algorithm. Which gives you score based on your activeness on your social media accounts. The more you are active the more the score and the more the payout is! They call this score as the Social Media Authority Score. Which helps them in determining the payout for your share on your links.
How and When I can receive the payments?
SocialLinkMart Supports right now supports Paypal and the check. Where the Paypal transaction fee absolutely zero and if you opt for the check SocialLinkMart will charge 10$ for processing fee. You will get receive the payments every month in first weekend.
How can I share the links from Link Directory on SocialLinkMart to receive the payments?
In order to get the payout for your share on the SocialLinkMart. You must make all the share by their Firefox Sharing toolbar only. When you click on the link in the link directly the post or article will open in the other new tab. Then you can click on the SLM social sharing toolbar. And note that all the post you share on your social media accounts should be set to public before sharing.If not you will not receive the payments.


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