Wednesday, 2 October 2013

5 Most Disappointing Things About iPhone 5S

Bangalore: Even though iPhone5S boasts about its unmatchable specs and features, a close observation on the gadget reveals that only a minor upgradation has been made from its predecessors. The incorporated finger print recognition technology and faster processor, do not provide much excitement to certain users. Here are some disappointing things about Apple’s flagship model iPhone5S, as compiled by Cnet.

#1 Screen

In the growing trend of mobile phones with larger screen size, Apple clinging onto the same screen dimension does not seem appealing to most of the customers. iPhone 5 had a 4-inch screen which remains the same in Iphone5S as well. Even though customers are not looking forward for an iPhablet, the screen must be large enough for better viewing atleast considering the aged users the users who want a proper entertainment device.

#2 Processor  

The manufactures who flaunted the 64-bit desktop architecture processor incorporated into iPhone5S, however, do not reveal the fact that it will consume more power. The fast processor only helps in accelerating certain games and apps and is not in much use for general applications. Apple’s launching presentation spoke about the technological features of the A7 chips used in the phone but did not say how it benefits the users.

#3 Battery

iPhone 5S failed to provide a better battery pack that could enhance the backup which most of the users look out for. The battery life on talk, standby and video still remains unchanged when compared to older models. Users fear that the new faster processor may eat up more power thereby decreasing the backup expected from a single charging.

#4 Memory

Apple stays way back with regards to storage memory, when compared to other competitors in the market. The manufactures do not care to to expand neither the internal memory nor to provide an option for adding an external memory device. Customers feel smothered with very little memory space for their music, videos, games and apps.

#5 Little Innovation

It is certain that the finger print recognition feature of the device is an innovation. However, the feature is considered very small and more than an innovation it remains as the need of the hour. The Smartphone industry has grown to such heights that technology with incremental improvement only 


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