Friday, 19 July 2013

Top 10 Social Networking sites!

There are many social networking geeks who want to know about more social networks other than just Facebook, Twitter & Google+. So, we decided to end their search up here by bringing out this list of top 10 social networking websites according to the number of users they have.
top social networking websites Top 10 Social Networking Websites   2013
  1. Facebook. Need not to say that Facebook is one of the most advanced kind of social network which has the highest number of active users in it. A total of 1 billion people have joined Facebook since it was launched. Thus it holds the title for the rank #1 social network.
  2. Google+. After crossing Twitter, Google Plus has become the second most popular social networking site on the net because of its 520 million users. No comments, just a warning sign for Facebook’s kingdom!
  3. Twitter. Many times Twitter is not considered as a social network because of its news-reader kind of functionality, but still its followers are so attached with it that they themselves has taken it as a social network. Twitter has a total of 500 million fans. Thus it holds the title of rank #3 social network.
  4. Qzone. This is a simple chinese social network with a total of 480 million users. Hence, it is the fourth most popular social network among all.
  5. Sina Weibo. It also is a chinese social networking (micro-blogging) site. It can simply be called as a hybrid of Facebook and Twitter with nothing such new functionality like Google+. It has a total of 310 million users. That is why it is the 5th most popular social networking website.
  6. YouTube. This video blogging site has hold a title of a social network after having many of the social networking features that others have. YouTube has a total of 300 million users in it. And thus it becomes the sixth most popular social network in this list.
  7. Formspring. It is not exactly a social networking site. It consists of questions and answers in a social networking manner not just like a forum. Thus it can be called so. It has a total of 290 million users in it making it the seventh most popular social network among all.
  8. Habbo. It is kinda social network mostly used by teens. That is because of its kid like look. It has a total of 268 million people who make it the 8th most popular social network in the world.
  9. LinkedIn. This social network can simply be called as a Facebook for professional buddies. It has reached rank #9 due to its 200 million professionals.
  10. RenRen. Another chinese social network which has a total of 160 million users. Thus it holds the rank #10 in this list.


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