Monday, 12 August 2013


1.Check who is ONLINE Being OFFLINE:

  • By default Facebook does not allow this facility. but by using a simple app you can find it.
  • onlinenow is a application allows us to check who are in online by being offline
  • Now you can secretly now your friends who are in online and kept offline.

2.Send Photos in Chat box:

  • Now you can send your own photos in chat box.
  • In the screen capture below you can find that arrow 1 indicating a  profile picture in small size

  • just enter the below code in your chat box and replace with your facebook id
  • [[your facebook id]] e.g: [[vinay.goud999]]
  • You can also send pictures in differnt sizes( like image 2 and 3 in above screen capture) in Facebook chatbox just click here to see how we can send Pictures in chat box 

3.Go Offline for a particular person:

Now you can go  OFFLINE for a particular person.Intsead going Offline for all of your friends this helps you in avoiding the friend whom you don't want to chat with.

4.Text upside down:

  • This can make your facebook chat much can send your text upside down just like below.

  • go to upsidedowntext and enter your text there and copy the upsidedown text and then paste in your chat box
  • you can also send bubble text you can find that option when you go to the above app.

5.Get Facebook Chat on Desktop:

  • now you can get facebook chat list on facebook chat without going to facebook.
  • you can use any of these apps Gabtastik,Adium,chitchat

6.Send Your Text in Different styles:

make your chat intresting by sending your text in differnt styles just go to namefunk , enter your text there and then copy and paste in your chat box.
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