Saturday, 24 August 2013

Most Innovative Gadgets of All Time

14. The Walkman helped people listen to music outside of their homes and cars

The walkman was introduced between the years 1979-1980. Sony was the first company to launch Walkmans. It is said to be the first mainstream gadget as people started carrying this device every where they went. The device revolutionized music listening habits of people allowing them to carry their favorite music, wherever they wanted to.

Why it's innovative: The Walkman paved way for all the other music gadgets present in the market. 

13. Google Glass is the first wearable heads-up display to grab the public's attention in a big way

Google glass, the wearable computer displays information like a Smartphone and allows usage of internet through voice commands. The glass has a built in microphone and camera. As the first ever device of its kind that grabbed public attention, Google glass created the ‘wearable technology’ trend.

Why it’s innovative: This might look like a science fiction movie glass. Google glass changed the way, people could see the world.
12. Microsoft’s Kinect changed the way we play games

The Xbox Kinect, an accessory that came with Xbox 360 became a hit in the market with its capability. This device was the first one that did not require a game controller to play video games. The marketing slogan used by Microsoft goes like, “you are the controller”.       

Why it's innovative: The Xbox Kinect offers full body gaming with voice controls; this means the remote control is dead. This would Take the home entertainment and gaming to the next level.


11. The MakerBot Replicator will help us print everything from car parts to food

We have seen things being replicated like-machines, accessories and food by a replicator in sci-fi movies. The MakerBotReplicator is just the beginning and the early version of it.

Why it's innovative: This invention set the platform for replicators to rise, currently 3D printing with The MakerBot gives an insight into what our future might hold. These things would be able to replicate anything. 
10. The Nest is the most advanced thermostat ever and it's paving way for smart appliances

When the Nest was introduced, people went crazy over it. The thermostat was also called the first “Apple-fied” home appliance. Nest was designed to maintain home temperature based on an individual's habit by detecting when he goes out or sleep.

Why it's innovative:  This is a giant leap towards smart home appliances, allowing the device to do all the thinking for you. If all the home appliances came with start features, it would save a lot on electric bill.

9. Cloud computing will take away the burden of backing up your stuff

There was always a question in people’s minds when it came to storage of documents, photos and videos. In the last decade “The Cloud” has shaped its way into the tech world. It’s a way of storing files online and can be accessed through web when needed. Presently services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and allow you to send and store large files. These are now available even in mobiles; the folder on your desktop and mobile directly links you to the files.  

Why it's innovative: The Cloud is easily accessible through web. It lets people to keep their important files safe and also save valuable space on the computer, tablet or Smartphone
8. The iPad made tablets desirable

The Tablet PCs were present even beforeiPad hit the market. But nobody knew about it until the iPad was launched!

Why it's innovative:  The iPad set the standard for tablet, this device showed world what features a tablet has to possess.

7. Google’s self-driving cars could make the roads safer for people

Google received mixed responses for their self-driving cars. The search giant, along with their scientists is on a mission to design the perfect driverless cars. The car is set to be safe and user friendly. Currently these cars are functioning in few cities as trial versions.

Why it's innovative: The self-driving cars under perfection could benefit the people in lot of ways. These cars would also reduce the rate of accidents and also drunk driving.
6. The iPhone and its lack of buttons changed mobile device design forever

The new era of Smartphones began wheniPhone was launched. This Phone provided various features and apps through its app store.

 Why it's innovative: This phone had a unique design, with no buttons and its ability to connect to Wi-Fi networks changed the mobile industry all over the world.    

5. Solid state drives will make computers faster than ever

SSDs are flash based storage options, these hard disks are known to boot at an average of 22 seconds and can transfer files faster than other storage options.

Many would have noticed how fast aMacbook Air or An Intel Ultrabook boots up when compared to other laptops. The only disadvantage of SSD’s are they are expensive.

Why it's innovative: It is said that the prices of SSDs would go down, and this would replace the ordinary hard drives in all laptops.
4. Bendable displays are real, and they're coming soon

LG is reportedly launching flexible displays for their touch screen devices. The devices are made through OLED display sheets and will be launched this year    

Why it's innovative: The technology would allow mobiles to be super thin and foldable. This would raise the level of completion among all mobile manufacturers.  

3. LTE phones and tablets are a hint at a future where high-speed internet is everywhere

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a wireless technology that allows people to use high speed internet in mobile devices. The LTE’s are said to as fast as the cable modems which are in use today. The world's first publicly available LTE service was launched by TeliaSonera on December 14, 2009.

Why it's innovative: There were times when people found it hard to find high speed internet. The LTE chips are just a beginning of high speed internet to mobiles and tablets.
2. Voice controlled assistants like Siri will only get smarter and cater to your every need

Siri is an intelligent personal assistant forApple's iOS. This app uses voice commands to operate a particular task. It is presently available in many other services. This app is similar to Google Now, which performs the same functions in Android.

Why it's innovative: This was the beginning in its kind. Siri assistance would make things more user friendly to people.  

1. Connected TVs and TV boxes are making it easier to cut the cord

Connected TV, also known as Hybrid TV orSmart TV allows people to have a higher focus on online interactive media, Internet TV, and on-demand streaming media. They give you access to YouTube, HBO, Amazon, and a lot more

Why it's innovative: Through we will be able to get everything in a single TV, this opens door for more innovations to take place in this area.


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