Saturday, 11 May 2013

File Searching Tricks for Windows 7

Search is the most used feature of Windows to locate your files and folders. Windows Search also refers to the Instant Search, which now has become a integral part of Windows, particularly in the latest versions of the Windows. Today I’ll tell you some hidden search tricks for Windows 7, that you may not be know.
There is a simple you to find recently created files/folders in Windows 7. Just open the drive inside which you want to search in Windows explorer, and type the following into the search box in the toolbar “datecreated:today(without quote). This search will help you to find all files/folders that were created and stored in that drive that day. Using datecreated: keyword, you can also filnd files from different times.

Search by kind

File Searching Tricks for Windows 7
In the search box just type “kind:(without quote), it’ll show a list of specific file types. If you want to search within all documents that is doc, docx, xls, pdf, mp3, avi then you have to type kind:doc or kind:pdf or anything else.

Search by size

File Searching Tricks for Windows 7
If you want search a files by size of the file then use keyword “size:”(without quote). To search for files larger than size 50 KB, just type size:>50. In addition to this, you can also use size: medium, size: large and other such operators to fine tune your search.
You can also search by file properties like author, title, date, status, keywords, etc. Many of the above features work only with Windows Search 4.0. That should not be a problem if you are running a recent version of Windows.


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