Saturday, 11 May 2013

How to Change Facebook Login Background

Facebook is the most using social networking site. If you are Tired with the same old Login display of Facebook and you want to personalize it just like the desktop background, then this post is for you. Now is the time to Refresh your Facebook with your own custom background.
How to Change Facebook Login Background
There is a chrome extension called FB Refresh that allows you to set a custom image URL as your Facebook Login page background.

Install FB Refresh extension

1) After installing this extension in chrome go to Settings > Extensions > FB Refresh and click on Options.
2) Enter your image URL which you want to sate as your background in the box and clickSave button.
3) Now you are done! Visit your Facebook login page and see the magic.
You can change whether the image should be displayed in horizontal or vertical. FB Fresh Extension Declares that it does not impact your any other part of Facebook and it never has access your personal information, security password or anything relevant to Facebook.


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