Saturday, 11 May 2013

Windows Phone 8 Vs Android Jelly Bean 4.2

Now a days it is so much difficult to choose the correct phone for you. Many customers are ignorant about the wide range of functions that smart phone systems have to provide. Two of the most well-known smart phones on the market are Windows Phone 8 and Android’s Jelly Bean 4.2. Lets compare between them.
Windows Phone 8 Vs Android Jelly Bean 4.2
Windows Phone 8 is the next generation of the  Windows Phone  mobile os, the world’s most personal Smartphone os and perfect companion to your new Windows 8 PC.
Android 4.2, Jelly Bean, is the quickest and simplest version of Android operating system yet, released by Google. It is Faster, Better, More Sensitive.

User Interface

Windows 8
  • Windows 8 has most innovative mobile UI.
  • It has live tiles on home screen which can be now resized, letting users arrange a more customizable home page.
Jelly Bean 4.2
  • Android’s Jelly Bean on the other hand has a buttery smooth navigation.
  • App widgets can now automatically resized to fit nicely across user’s multiple home screens.

Web Browser

Windows 8
  • Windows Phone 8 ships with the latest and ‘greatest’ version of Microsoft’s own web browser, Internet Explorer 10.
  • The latest version of IE10 has phishing protection, and it provides amazing mobile browsing experience.
Jelly Bean 4.2
  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is the first version of Android that ships with Google Chrome as its default web browser.
  • It comes with great browser support which works on all devices , and it is loaded with several innovative browsing & security features.


Windows 8
  • Windows Phone 8 comes with Nokia Maps pre-loaded as standard.
  • As well as it also comes with Nokia’s Navtek traffic service.
  • It allow user to access 3D street view.
Jelly Bean 4.2
  • Android OS has, the simplest and best mapping system.
  • Based on Google map
  • Provides popular features like Indoor mapping, street view ,and 3D view feature.


Windows 8
  • The biggest surprise is Windows 8 camera app. The new camera app has simple, sleek and easy to use feel.
  • The Windows Phone camera app has a slimmed down interface with a lot of new settings.
Jelly Bean 4.2
  • Android Jelly Bean has made lot of changes to the way camera is used , the camera is highly customizable .
  • It also has a new review system which makes task of editing & deleting images simpler and faster

Mobile Wallet

Windows 8
  • Using NFC Windows 8 has made it a lot easier for users to make online purchases through their mobiles. Microsoft Wallet is expected to integrate with different apps and enable users to make payment through services like PayPal.
Jelly Bean 4.2
  • Android Jelly Bean comes with Google Wallet , an app that can handle mobile payment, discount, rewards and other m Commerce services.


Windows 8
  • Battery life of WP 8 is comparatively low than Android.
  • It has more flexible storage.
  • Customizable lock screen
  • Integrated video calling.
  • It has Kids Corner.
  • It has the feature of Data Sense that compresses web page data while you’re browsing.
Jelly Bean 4.2
  • It offers multiple home screens which is not there in Windows Phone 8.
  • Project Butter- Buffering tweaks, increased frame rates, a system which keeps rendering and touch input events in sync better.
  • Expanded Notifications.
  • Google Cloud Messaging for Android.


  • It is difficult to choose between Android 4.2 and Windows Phone 8, as recent announcements have seen both operating systems offer impressive new features and improve those that they already had.
  • Android still leads the race with it comes to customizability, offering users multiple home screens, widgets and new app resizing feature. We’re also huge fans of Google’s new Voice Control, and we think that Internet Explorer will struggle to compete against Google Chrome.
  • Windows Phone 8 is quite visually pleasing, and will no doubt appeal to those after a clean user interface. The addition of support for multicourse processors also sees Microsoft making a step in the right direction in terms of hardware support, and we can’t wait to get our hands on Microsoft Wallet.


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