Thursday, 25 April 2013

3 programs to recover your stolen laptop

Our Personal Laptop Can carries a lot of stuff like your data, pictures, Videos, Passwords …In addition to price, which may be high, and of course you do not want want to lose it, for this this article i will give you 3 free programs that will enables you to identify the thief, and you can choose any of them and set it up on your computer, and if your computer is stolen not you will be able to retrace it only but also identify the thief as well.

Prey Project

recover stolen laptop 3 programs to recover your stolen laptop
The program is by far No. 1 As for the method of use of the program are very simple; Firstly you’ll need create an account on the prey project website After That Download the program and install it on the computer where theapplet will work in subtle and will not Show To The thief, then in the case of stealing the computer you can go toyour account at pry which you’ll need to press on the button “computer stolen” which will send a warning for the program through the Internet which will show A picture of the robber through the camera of the computer, as well as the possibility of locating him through IP and use Geo ip to give name of the place which is probably the thief will be in by addition of having a chance to see What the thief is doing in your computer .


lock it tight 3 programs to recover your stolen laptop
he Is similar to the work program preyproject except he does not contact you with the captured images from the thief’s computer to e-mail but he does save them in the company’s server, as the program is free and works in theWindows environment, 7 and 8 as well as older versions like Windows XP. You can also protect your mobile phone Android by applying Android LockItTight.
LockItTight you can work the following in case of computer stealing: taking Photos of thief through the activation of the web cam, locate the thief through Google Maps program and it’s nice that the he’s more specific in locationson other programs.

Locate your laptop

stolen laptop 3 programs to recover your stolen laptop
the advantage by using the program is from past programs that you can delete the data remotely in case of stolen computer thus ensure that the thief will not intrude on your files even though the this feature doesn’t exist in the free version of the software, but that if your data is very important Some of dollars to take advantage of this feature will not be an obstacle in front of you. Otherwise, the program provides you with the free version all the features present in other programs.


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