Tuesday, 23 April 2013

how to synchronize audio with video

There might Be sometimes that you get to buy ordownload a movie from the Internet and then find that the sound and image are not Synchronized with each other, something that may take away the pleasure of watching your beloved movie. Frankly, I found myself in this situation several times for this you always look for other copies that are not corrupted except that I decided to find the solution myself after being in this situation more than once here is the solution to this problem as the following: In order to deal with this situation you can download VLC media player and install it through Link program from the official website of the bottom of this post.
Then go to Tools and click on preferences in order to open the interface settings VLC. On the left go to the bottom of choices where you will find the word All the click on them in order to appear to you the advanced interface of the program’s settings (see photo)
2 how to synchronize audio with video
Then click on the Audio box in Audio desynchronization compensation and start  increase your speed synchronization or reducing it until you get a synchronized sound and image in the movie so you can watch the video without problems.


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