Wednesday, 24 April 2013

How to Transform windows xp to windows 8

Today we will discuss how to Transform Windows xp to Windows 8 with simple steps in order to make your windows xp close to windows 8 as close as possible those steps will not change the nature of you windows it’s just a theme that will only Transform the look of you windows with special programs called skins to enjoy it’s beauty without having to install windows 8
Basically if you want to have a windows 8 look or theme you can always try to install him and upgrade you system and use it but sometimes you cannot maybe you have perhaps :
The Reasons You should Transform windows xp to windows 8 than the normal upgrading
  • you have a humble computer specs and using it will just make things slow
  • you still have problem in compatibility with drivers and programs
  • you like to download and play the latest games
We have Already gave a solution for windows 7 users ” In two steps: How to make Windows 8 Look like windows 7 ” But Windows xp Still have big number of it’s users So , Today we will Take a look at the Skin Pack program, which Transform Windows xp to  Windows 8 interface

How Do i Transform Windows xp to Windows 8 ??

okey so the steps to Transform Windows xp to Windows 8 are very easy and like installing any other program :
  1. First of all download this skin here
  2. Install it as any other program
  3. restart you computer
After you computer is booting and starting your computer you’ll notice big changes in the log in screen also you’ll notice that the Start menu in windows xp has changed to be more like than windows 8 you’ll see that start has Disappeared but when you move your mouse close to it you’ll see the new Start Menu , if you to open you click it or you can click the windows button in your keyboard
2 How to Transform windows xp to windows 8

Cons on Transform Windows xp to Windows 8

the only bad thing in this ” Transform Windows xp to Windows ” pack that the Aero Feature which is available on both windows 8 and windows 7 won’t be available which make the Start Menu And The window Transparent
Anyway if you want to show the Sidebar Menu which includes shortcuts to search ,Start menu and settings, Place your cursor in the bottom corner of the desktop next to the clock as shown in the picture
3 How to Transform windows xp to windows 8

Congratulations ! Thats it , you have successfully Transformed Windows xp to Windows 8 !!

These are the changes that may be obtained when you Transform Windows xp to Windows 8 , which includes a login screen, The Start toolbar , the new Start Menu , the colors of the  window frames, menus, icons, folders , this program does not offer the experience of using identical to experience Windows 8, but itthe best you can get it for Transform Windows xp to Windows 8


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