Tuesday, 23 April 2013

How to Secure Your Google Plus Account

Google+ is undoubtedly becoming one of the most active social networks on the web. As a result, chances of getting your account hacked is also increasing. So, the security is really a big factor here. But don’t worry, Google has taken great measurements for your account security that lowers down the account hacking chances to a great extent.
secure google plus account How to Secure Your Google Plus Account
The root of having  a Google Plus account is to have a personalized Gmail account at first. So, you can simply understand Google Plus is completely based on Gmail for Login, Logout etc operations. It means without having a Gmail account, you can’t really have a Google Plus account. So, let’s tell you a few things to keep yourself secured in this amazing social network.
  • Keep Your Gmail Address Private. Don’t ever show off your Gmail address (the one that is associated with your Google Plus account) publicly. If you still need to, then share it with persons whom you really trust. Following this will lower down the hacking chances about 95%. Just think, how will someone get access to your account when he doesn’t even know your gmail address. And hats off to Google for this!
  • Increase Gmail Account Security. If you have shared your gmail address by mistake and therefore, are worried of its security, then don’t worry, just improve it. As we already said keeping a Google Plus account safe is all about keeping the associated Gmail account safe. So, visit www.google.com/settings/security and add recovery options (if you haven’t already), notifications and also go for 2-step verification which actually keeps your account safe by asking for mobile verification to access from unauthorized device.
  • Have a Strong Password. Choosing a password like your wife’s name, or you hometown or your birth-date are the easiest ones to hack. And in this social networking world, they don’t even need to to know you personally for this. So, keep it in mind.
These three steps are enough for the security of your Google+ account, which instead other social networks like Facebook needs a lot of measurements to be followed.
So, let us know if it is helpful for you or not. We’d love to know your opinion. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!


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